Product description

Kontur design Tony Almén Peter Gest, 2006. The cabinets come in 450 and 900 mm widths, heights of 601, 815, 1177 and 1967 mm and are 360 mm deep. Cabinets are made using a blockboard construction and veneered in birch, oak, walnut, or finished in a choice

of eight coloured lacquers. You can vary the appearance by combining glass doors with panelled or flush doors and open shelving.

Lighting, cornices, drop-file extensions and taller steel legs in a matt chrome finish are all available as optional e

xtras. Some of the units can also be fitted with locks and wall fittings. The handgrips come in aluminium as standard, but can also be ordered in birch, oak, walnut and eight coloured lacquers. Cabinets are supplied ready assembled with adjustable screws

in the plinth to ensure they stand straight and steady.

Furnish with Kontur in the living room at home, the conference room at work, or in the kitchen, library, dining room, coffee corner or office. Kontur can also be used as a bedside table, a si

de table and TV bench.

Width 450 mm / 900 mm
Height 601 mm / 815 mm / 1177 mm / 1967 mm
Depth 360 mm
Cupboard front finish swinging double door frontage
Material birch
nut wood
Colors shades of red

Karl Andersson, Sweden

Tony Almén

Peter Gest