Bloom S1/S2

Presented: Euroluce 2011, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.1236.00162
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Do you like the idea of having a floral arrangement above the table? Today the Bloom lamp family with its distinctive original structure covered by sparkling polycarbonate flowers as pure and precious as crystal adds a new elliptical shape in two differ

ent sizes and with new functions: it can be hung or used as a wall light or ceiling fixture. As delicate as a spring bouquet, the Bloom lights offer new and sophisticated multicoloured nuances in lavender and mint or an elegant transparent white monochr

ome. A series of little lights located on the internal frame beams light shafts through the petals to refract on their faceted surfaces and multiply in a thousand reflections. The range of models available now includes Bloom S1 and S2, two different siz

es of elliptical pendant lamps. Bloom CW2 can be used as a wall light or ceiling fixture. The latter function is also available in a larger size (Bloom C1).

Emission class A++ - E
Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Width of luminaire head 280 mm / 530 mm
Height head of lamp 350 mm / 190 mm
Material polycarbonate (PC)
Colors shades of green
shades of beige

Kartell, Italy

Ferruccio Laviani