Embroidery Ebony

Presented: imm cologne 2011, Cologne
Stylepark-ID: 10.2261.00418
Categories: Floors CarpetsHand knotted carpets
Floors CarpetsFormated carpets
Product description

Embroidery is an exclusive hand tufted rug in pure wool with an imaginative pattern. By playing with different textures of yarn - our thick, luxurious-quality Classic combined with our beautiful Tekla - Petra Lundblad-Fridén, our designer, created a patte

rn that is reminiscent of an embroidery that is in progress. The pattern is a bit mystical, so you feel you lose track of the stitches as your eye looks for regularity in the irregular. It is up to the observer to complete the image. Embroidery is availab

le in five colour combinations, all of them selected to heighten the mysterious character of the rug.

Length 2400 mm
Width 1700 mm
Material wools
Colors shades of red
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Kasthall, Sweden

Petra Lundblad-Fridén