Product description

The collection named ‘Grönska’ meaning ‘greenery,’ is inspired by the meadows, fields and farmland that surround the Kasthall factory in Kinna, Sweden, where it has been located since 1889. Like Kasthall rugs, it is a landscape made by humans and their machines. Each of the five designs embodies archetypal Swedish landscapes throughout the seasons. The collection also considers the cultural shift towards greener architecture and interiors. We live most of our lives indoors, so bringing a physical connection to nature inside was an important thread throughout the design process. The color green brings a sense of life, has a positive impact on our health and in the right shades is perceived as neutral. The Grönska collection reflects the colors, rhythms and textures of the diverse Swedish landscapes, bringing these into our homes and public spaces in a beautiful, abstract and more accessible way.

The hand woven quality of Glänta is achieved using a thick chenille yarn, where its natural lusture provides warmth and softness underfoot. It is woven in such a way that it reveals the structure of the weft yarn beneath, to give the rug a beautiful irregularity and the impression of light flecksof earth peeking out from within a glade.Glänta is available in four colors reflectingthe changing seasons.


Kasthall, Sweden

Ilse Crawford