TECU® GOLD Golden Splendour

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Product description

The material processed for the facade of the pavilion, TECU® Gold, is a product by the copper experts at KME, one of the world’s leading manufacturers involved in the development of metal facade solutions and advising on their application. The copper-a

luminium alloy, one of many TECU® brand copper materials, proved to have unique advantages for this project: an unmistakeably beautiful surface that could not have been thematically more appropriate, together with ease of processing and complete recyclabi

lity. Not to mention the material’s proverbial longevity and excellent economic performance.

The wave structure in the TECU® Gold facade used a special manufacturing solution by MN Metallverarbeitung, a company based in Neustadt in Holstein special

ising in special metal solutions for architecture and design. The patented wellTEC® process developed by the firm has made it one of the few processing companies in the world able to create the most diverse individually tailor-made profiles in every kind

of metal construction imaginable. So it was no problem at all for them to produce the irregular wave profile specified by the architects to match their individual ideas.

The pavilion for the “Golden Splendour” exhibition is the result of collabora

tion between the msa (Münster School of Architecture) and the firm modulorbeat. Headed by architects Marc Günnewig and Jan Kampshoff, a team, originally of 33 students, developed various outline draft designs for the construction. In the end, a jury decid

ed in favour of the “golden solution”, a building in the shape of a star that in its top view is reminiscent of a stylised cross, and with upright verticals and the exterior clad all round, except on the end walls, with the gold-coloured copper alloy. The

two end walls providing one visual line are made of seamlessly fitted glazing, The structure features a wind-break on one end and a loggia set into the other, and the end walls that create the second visual axis harbour the entrance door facing the Dompl

atz and opposite, the emergency door. So from the outside, the pavilion building has an exciting, homogeneous appearance that arouses curiosity, especially because of the clear language of the material used.

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Goldene Pracht, Domplatz, Münster
Architects: modulorbeat and Studierende of the msa | münster school of architecture

Length430 cm / 600 cm
Width430 cm / 600 cm
Colorsgold / brass
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KME, Germany