TECU® GOLD System Shingles

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Product description

TECU® Gold is a new material - with a precious golden surface for impressive new façade solutions using copper.

TECU® Gold is a copper and aluminium alloy. The original shiny golden colour of the surface goes through characteristic changes when exp

osed to normal weathering. After the initial matting, a golden and yellowish oxidation layer gradually emerges, and this changes over time into a soft golden colour. The patination processes do not give rise to any further intensive colouring on façade su


TECU® Gold offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as excellent stability and material rigidity. The material can be easily cold-shaped and processed using standard techn

iques. Because of its special material characteristics, TECU® Gold is also well suited for large-area applications.

TECU® Gold is an ideal complement to the TECU® product range and can be perfectly combined with the other copper surfaces. All the f

amiliar economic advantages of the TECU® brand name apply without exception to TECU® Gold.

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Length 430 cm / 600 cm
Width 430 cm / 600 cm
Form board
Surface gloss
Material copper
Colors gold / brass
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KME, Germany