TECU® PATINA Profiled Sheets

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Product description

Using a specially developed industrial process, TECU® copper sheets are patinated green on one side. This process causes an oxidised layer to form on the surface of the copper - a process similar to the natural patination that occurs over a long period of

time when copper is exposed to atmospheric conditions. This is not an artificial colouring or coating process. TECU® Patina gives cladding the green patina colour typical of copper right from the start.

TECU® Patina does away with the waiting time

otherwise necessary until the pitched surfaces eventually turn green as a result of the natural effects of weathering. Roofs, façades and rainwater systems have the green patina that is unique to copper right from the outset.

The special manufactu

ring technology used allows some colour variation in the individual sheets from light green to blue-green. Each sheet is unique. Although these differences can be seen just after installation, they soon become less noticeable on exposure to the elements.<

The patina continuously changes and develops when exposed to atmospheric conditions. The resulting variations in colour are proof of just how natural the patina surface is.

TECU® Patina offers unique possibilities for demanding design soluti

ons in modern architecture. The many prize-winning buildings that have been constructed using this extraordinary material are compelling evidence of its unique design potential.

Form board
Surface patinated
Material copper
Colors copper / bronze
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