TECU® ZINN Panels with solar shading lamellas

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Product description

TECU® Zinn (matt grey, tinned) is TECU® Classic that has been specially tinned and surface-treated on both sides to create a matt grey surface. The surface continues to develop further over time on exposure to the atmosphere. The result is a warm, matt gr

ey colour which harmonises excellently with other building materials. TECU® Zinn is protected by patent and is available in TECU® strips and in a number of special formats.

This material gives architects looking to create a light, grey surface man

y interesting design possibilities. When using TECU® Zinn they also get all the technical advantages of copper, such as durability and workability in cold temperatures.

All Pictures: Centro Cortonese (Commercial & Office Building), Perugia , Italy<

br>Architect: HOF Paolo Belardi

Colorsshades of grey
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KME, Germany