Faraway Pool

Presented:ISH 2009, Frankfurt
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Product description

Faraway/ Pool is a skimming lip mini pool where functionality and aesthetics complement each other, emphasized by geometric details of great beauty.
The floor-level overspill doubles the perimeter line of the tub and the fan generates a ripple that run

s all the way across the water for the whole length of the tub: a unique form of wellness for indoor or outdoor living. Faraway/ Pool offers a unique wellness, even outdoor. Thanks to its dimensions it is the ideal solution both for private or contract us


Pool with spillway edge, built with superimposed layers of polyester and vinylester resins with a gelcoat finish, stainless steel frame resting on adjustable feet, and spill channel covered with an antislip grille or a sy

stem of stainless steel plates with custom finishing as desired.

Standard equipment:
• 2 relax position equipped with 16 blower jets for air massage system
• 4 positions for whirlpool system with 5 micro whirlpool jets each
• 4 RGB led lig

hts for water lighting
• control systems by means of infrared sensors
• Filtration system complete with skimmer, pump and control panel
Water heating available by heat-exchange system or electrical system
Kit for chemical analysis and treatmen

t of water

Technical data:
Maximum number of people: 6
Capacity: 2700 litres
Effective weight: 3530 kg

Length4180 mm / 4250 mm / 4558 mm
Width2350 mm / 2450 mm / 2606 mm
Height1000 mm / 1100 mm / 1150 mm
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KOS, Italy

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba