Cava 3 blue edition

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CAVA and POLO are Anne Gry’s first upholstery collection.

Her simple, stylish designs have long been an important part of Kvadrat’s curtain collection.

CAVA and POLO are piece-dyed. The colour range is dominated by deep reds and blues; the intensity is achieved using concentrated dye without adding any black. Sixteen new colours have been added to Cava in 2006, and the quality is now available in 42 colours.

Anne Gry discovered and developed the colours by dying and printing on silk. She uses this method when working with clothing and soft furnishings. Silks present the colours with a special intensity and depth, making it straightforward to apply them to other fabrics such as wool.

Anne Gry often gains inspiration from her time spent travelling, and from her trips abroad, with Italy and North Africa as her preferred destinations. In recent years, she has turned her attention to the softer, paler colours and patterns of Scandinavia. For this reason, Anne Gry’s colours are soft and saturated – without being heavy or overpowering.

CAVA is produced using a crepe weave, giving it a textured surface, whereas the plain weave used to produce POLO produces a plain surface. The combed yarn fabric of both CAVA and POLO is simple and hard-wearing.

CAVA and POLO are well suited in domestic settings or public areas.

Width 1350 mm
Fabric colour unicoloured
Cleaning dry-cleaning conditionally possible
Flame resistance B2 normally inflammable
Material new wool
Colors shades of blue
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Kvadrat, Denmark

Anne Gry

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