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Felicia is designed by Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen, the duo behind the company Aggebo & Henriksen. The two designers have worked together since meeting at their alma mater, the Danish School of Art and Design. They created the stage curtain for the extension to the Danish Royal Library, the Diamond, and the interior decoration of the student hall Tietgenkollegiet in Copenhagen. Aggebo & Henriksen have been part of Kvadrat's design team since 2001, designing both curtains and upholstery.
The designers' interplay with tissue paper and watercolours form the basis of Felicia; a woven, striped curtain in eight colours.
Aggebo & Henriksen base their design on howthe colours blend rather than on a symmetrical composition. The harmonious eight colours allows them to be combined and used as a complete colour scheme.
The fil-a-fil weave successfully fulfiled their aim to produce a transparent and bright watercoloured textile. The stripes appear light and crisp. An extraordinary, striped curtain in an otherwise thoroughly explored area.

Width 1400 mm
Fabric colour multicoloured
Material specialty fiber (Trevira CS)
Colors shades of grey
shades of violet
shades of brown
shades of blue
shades of orange

Kvadrat, Denmark

Aggebo & Henriksen

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