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Product description

Max Knit is a tactile knitted upholstery fabric. It particularly stands out for its rich structure and versatile colourways. The construction of Max Knit involves knitting together two thick polyester FR yarns and a thin polyester yarn. The thick yarns are in unicolours while the thin yarn is either multicoloured or unicoloured, depending on the colourway. Although only matt yarns are used in the construction of Max Knit, the combination of the different colours and yarns creates a vibrant play across the surface of the fabric. It also gives Max Knit a very comfortable look.

The fresh, versatile colourways for Max Knit showcase Maxjenny Forlsund’s adventurous approach to colour design. They combine colours that range from bright, contrasting hues to warm neutral tones. Max Knit combines excellent stretchability and durability. Consequently, it is well suited to contract use and is particularly ideal for organically shaped furniture, as well as soft seating.

Width 1800 mm
Material polyester
Colors shades of violet
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige

Kvadrat, Denmark

Maxjenny Forslund

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