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Maxi is a distinctive curtain textile made of Trevira CS, designed by Maxjenny Forslund. The design features huge blocks of colour, with a repeat of almost 25 metres. Due to the large scale of the repeat, every cut of the fabric offers a unique composition of colours, which ensures each curtain made from Maxi looks individual.
Soft and dense, Maxi is woven with a satin binding. The pattern is created by changing between a warp and a weft satin binding, which makes it possible to use on both sides. The design features giant squares in subtle shades, which are complemented by energetically coloured stripes. This contrast of soothing and eye-catching tones gives Maxi a personality that is relaxing on one hand and energising on the other.
Maxi comes in three colours. Each has a distinct character: one is bright and cool, another is soft and warm and the third is rich and dark. The palette is comprised of tones associated with sportswear and consists of soft greys, browns and blues as well as rich purple, lemon yellow and vibrant coral pink.
The fabric, which can be used for drapes and panels, is particularly well-suited to large commercial and public spaces with big windows. It also works well in a wide assortment of other environments, including private homes.
Maxjenny Forslund (born in 1975) is an avant-garde Swedish designer known for her elegant, timeless and innovative work. Working with high-quality sustainable materials, she combines art and fashion to develop designs for clothing, furniture and textiles.

Width 1400 mm
Fabric colour multicoloured
Material specialty fiber (Trevira CS)
Colors shades of blue
shades of grey
shades of orange
shades of yellow
shades of violet

Kvadrat, Denmark

Maxjenny Forslund

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