Perla 2.2

Presented: imm cologne 2012, Cologne
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Product description

Perla 2.2 is a colour update of Perla, a richly textured upholstery textile designed by Frans Dijkmeijer. It is available in 2 versions, which both offer innovative structures, tactile surfaces and elegant colourways. Frans Dijkmeijer found the inspiration for Perla 2.2 in a classic combination: a string of alternating black and white beads. Reflecting this, the yarn used to construct the fabric is created by wrapping 2 colour nuances around each other. This, together with innovative weaving techniques, gives the design an extremely precise look, although at first glance it may appear indistinct. Both variations of the Perla 2.2 derive relief and structure from the yarn. The difference between them is the weaving technique and the richness of the texture: one is coarse and features a double yarn construction, the other is finer and woven with a single yarn construction. The colour scale for Perla 2.2 includes 6 new colours and 2 from the original palette. The fabric is available in individual colours, such as China red and wheat, and also comes in colourways that combine a dark and a highlight shade. Colour combinations include deep black and white, purple and dark grey, deep brown and rich brown. Thanks to Perla's tactile and sophisticated expression, it is especially well suited to use in private homes and hospitality venues. The fabric combines well with the upholstery textiles Vale, Ripple and Colline, also designed by Frans Dijkmeijer: all are available in similar colour nuances, and share rich structures, which stand out for their volume and depth.

Width 1400 mm
Fabric colour unicoloured
Fabric width to 160 cm
Material wools
Colors shades of brown
shades of grey
shades of green
shades of violet
shades of red
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Kvadrat, Denmark

Frans Dijkmeijer

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