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Product description

For me, conceiving and designing a surface means an attempt to make inroads into the concept of the infinite, of the threedimensional, starting out from a modular drawing developed without limits in space, inspired by the graphic constructions of the great Escher who has inspired so much of my work.

So the concept is to conceive and design an element that is repeated all over the pattern, forming traces that wind around each other, marking patterns that are alternatively regular and complex, able to evoke a sense of depth, creating authentic threedimensional graphic labyrinths: hence the name of this collection of tiles.

This project derives from an original geometric construction generated within a square, lines that join mid-points to the opposite vertices until they form two opposing L-shaped elements, which – depending on the direction the tile is turned in – make it possible to draw orderly lines of squares, segmented zigzag lines, or, without any pre-established laying scheme, create never-ending graphic perimeters the eye gets lost in.

Giulio Iacchetti

Length600 mm
Width600 mm
Colorsshades of grey
shades of brown


Giulio Iacchetti

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