Riva shower toilet

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan
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Product description

Based on the synergy between the quality and technical experience of Laufen and the design of Peter Wirz, the Cleanet Riva shower toilet is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering, recent winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016. What makes it so innovative and extraordinary is the Laufen’s holistic approach to hygiene and comfort: Cleanet Riva is the only shower toilet in which the entire water transport system is thermally disinfected at regular intervals. A thermal cleaning with 70 °C hot water ensures that the inner ceramic surfaces and pipes are always hygienically clean, without any chemical additives. The descaling function prevents scale formation in the system, giving the toilet a longer life and protecting it against micro-organisms. 

Furthermore, the innovative and exclusive Laufen Clean Coat (LCC) glaze seals the surfaces, preventing accumulation of grime, while the rimless design makes the model particularly easy and quick to clean. To make this product even more complete, Laufen has equipped it with a touchscreen remote control that communicates with the user, providing information on settings and personal preferences, including as many as seven regulation modes for the spray, based on pressure, temperature and timing. Finally, Cleanet Riva comes with a feminine function, for a more delicate separate adjustable spray. 

An example of the great technological and innovative prowess of the Swiss company, Cleanet Riva projects Laufen into the future of the bath, setting new, higher hygienic standards and complying not only with Asian regulations, but also with those of the European market.

Material ceramic (unspecified)

Laufen, Switzerland

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by Laufen

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