Product description

The smooth Polaris jacquard fabric was specially designed by Edward van Vliet as the basis for a set of elegant cushions. The refined geometric pattern is reminiscent of ice crystals, an effect reinforced by the shine of the fabric. This crystal motif is magnified on the Polaris plaid blankets. The woollen and cotton fibres give rise to a softness and a natural cosiness. Thanks to the weaving technique, they can be used on both sides, where the lovely deep colours on the back are mirrored.

The Polaris accessories are each finished in their own special way. The cushions (Red, Blue or Gold) are manufactured with leather piping and velvet fabric on the back, both in matching colours. The plaid blankets (Red or Blue) are cream-coloured on the back and hemmed all round.

Polaris is available as a plaid blanket in the colour themes of Red and Blue.

The Polaris cushions are available in the colour themes of Red, Blue and Gold.

The plaid blankets have the following dimensions: 160x220 cm, weight 210 gr/m2.

The cushions sizes are 59x29 cm, 49x49 cm or 59x39 cm.

The cushions in the Edward van Vliet collection are filled with a combination of foam and duck feathers. The plaid blankets may only be dry-cleaned.

Length 1600 mm / 590 mm / 490 mm
Width 2200 mm / 290 mm / 490 mm / 390 mm
Material cotton
Colors shades of red
shades of blue
gold / brass

Leolux, Netherlands

Edward van Vliet