Product description

Berlin Loft is a bed-settee which the designers Thomas Müller and Jörg Wul define as ‘trendy’ and ‘casual’. It is perfect for a modern interior and will be, by turns, the place to sit, sleep, rest and do nothing. This settee resembles the city which was born in the imagination of the designers : Berlin. A simple, unabashed, practical and modern city. The settee becomes the centre of our space, the platform for our lives, a cocoon of sweetness in such a bustling city.

This bed-settee is the very expression of casual elegance. The initial thought was based around the hammock chair, the deckchair, a chair which floats, is pliable, and which issues an invitation to comfort and laziness. Here, a slim mattress envelops the settee. The depth of the seat enables one to relax in comfort, like an invitation to rest. Many cushions may be scattered on top for use as armrests, lumbars or back cushions. There is even su½cient place for one’s favourite pillow. The rear section may be easily and manipulated to find one’s preferred angle of inclination between upright and the horizontal bed position. Parallel sleep platform of size 141 x 201. Berlin Loft may be complemented with Jungle, a new, very ‘trendy’ range of ‘urban’ bedding.

Width 2001 mm
Height 820 mm
Depth 1080 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Height of seat 425 mm
Base finish with legs
Backrest finish with back padding
with backrest
Armrest finish without armrests
Functions collapsible
Material textiles (unspecified)
Colors shades of blue
shades of green

ligne roset, Germany

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