ENTRÈVES chest of drawers

Product description

“It seemed interesting to me to design a chest of drawers which was not simply destined to be backed against a wall, but which could take centre stage in a space. Available as a left/right duo, they could face the bedroom doorway, standing between the dressing table and bed for example; pieces of furniture which are just as pleasant when viewed from the back or side as they are face-on: the rear screen, in wood or lacquer, is just as interesting to look at as the curves of the drawers. The same idea for the bedside table, which brings in a third more precious material which allows the light to pass through it and casts shadows.”

Chest of drawers, available in ‘right’ (rounded to the right) or ‘left’ versions. The structure/screen to the side and rear, along with the upper top and drawers, are finished in cherry veneer, smoked oak veneer or lacquer (satin white, argile, plomb or bleu nuit). All finish combinations for the structure and top and drawers are permitted, with the sole exception of cherry/smoked oak: wood/wood, wood/ lacquer, lacquer/wood, lacquer/lacquer – which makes 34 (or (6 x 6) – 2) possible combinations. It is possible to create a very large ‘symmetrical’ chest by locating 2 chests of drawers side by side: one ‘left’ and one ‘right’ or the other way round.

Width 1100 mm
Height 850 mm
Depth 500 mm
Table finish with corpus
Table top shape square with rounded corners
Material wood (unspecified)
Colors shades of brown
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ligne roset, Germany

Marie-Christine Dorner

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