Product description

The principle for creating the basic shape of Grillage is very simple: a sheet of metal with staggered grooves is folded, origami-style, and then drawn to create a mesh. Grillage tells the story of its manufacturing process...drawing, folding, creasing. It reveals everything about itself, from how it was designed to how it was produced. Grillage – wire mesh - it's the way to achieve both comfort and ergonomics with an all-metal piece of furniture. It may be covered with a special quilted material for added comfort and a warmer appearance. To manufacture Grillage, a sheet of metal, which is grooved in staggered rows, is stretched. Metal wire is then soldered to the exterior, piece by piece. The sheet thus obtained is folded at various points to create the seat: this is a manual operation which renders each armchair 'unique'. The shape of the armchair will evolve over time.

Width 1000 mm
Height 690 mm
Depth 740 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Height of seat 300 mm
Base finish with legs
Backrest finish without back padding
Armrest finish without armrests
Material steel
Colors black
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ligne roset, Germany

François Azambourg

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