Product description

Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian solid perfume, a kind of sacred incense. The Egyptians used to burn it to honour the god Ra, believing that each ingredient of the kyphi (between 10 and 15, most notably honey, cinnamon, myrrh and sandalwood) had magical properties. Its properties are reputed for their health benefits and it apparently has soothing qualities.

Solid perfumes, rocks and crystals are composed of a perfumed vegetable base with a mix of essential oils, natural resins and aromatics.

For Cinna, M-A Stiker Métral has designed a diuser for cubes of solid perfume made from matt brass or polished nickel plate. The base is in brilliant-polished cast aluminium. Cubes of amber or cedar are placed on the base and covered by the diuser, which allows their fragrance to escape. Their fragrance will last for months. It will be possible to order boxes of replacement cubes.

‘Caillou d’Ambre’ is a vegetable reconstitution of grey amber. A mythical perfume, rich and warm. Cedar is the symbol of the cradle of humanity, sacred and great. Its odour is at once dry and soft, green and delicately resinous, characteristic of the scent of pencils.

These perfumes have been created by a great French ‘nose’ with a lifelong pasion for perfume, Florence Kusnierek, who explores odours with a view to creating memories. Her identity as an INDEPENDENT PERFUMER was shaped from her very childhood in the family business, in an atmosophere of ladies’ perfumes, in gardens, kitchens and fragrant wine cellars.

Height 175 mm
Diameter 115 mm
Material aluminium
Colors gold / brass

ligne roset, Germany

Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral

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