Presented: imm cologne 2014, Cologne
Stylepark-ID: 01.2044.00862
Categories: Interior accessoriesLiving room / Office accessoriesMirrors
Product description

An opuntia (‘oponce’ in French) is a plant from the cactus family with flat, racket-shaped stems, of which there are numerous varieties including the Barbary fig. This analogy of form was clearly the inspiration for the name of this mirror, designed by Claire Baudrimont, Pierre-Yves le Sonn and Jean-Charles Amey. The Oponce triple mirror is composed of three car rear view mirrors fixed onto an MDF frame and then covered in saddlestitched leather.
Thus the designers have produced a piece which sits half way between the automotive and domestic spheres: a project with multiple meanings where the organically soft shapes and the smell and grain of the leather reflect the sensual nature of the observer’s skin from a variety of angles.

Length 310 mm
Width 230 mm
Height 400 mm
Material mirror glass
leather (unspecified)
Colors shades of red
shades of grey

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