Sound absorber for wall and ceiling

Sound absorber for wall and ceiling
Product description

Acoustic regulation for your office – Lindner Sound Absorber for wall and ceiling   

The Lindner Group has newly developed sound absorbing elements with outstanding acoustic properties, achieving Absorption Class A, and versatile design options for offices and work environments. 

Offices, open plan concepts in particular, conference and training rooms, public areas and hallways have one thing in common: people would work and communicate in very different ways and at variable sound levels. Without effective regulation, the high intensity of occurring noise in these spaces is sometimes harmful to the occupants’ health, most of the time at least impairing the workers’ concentration and well-being. To achieve better room acoustics and hence more calm working conditions, the Lindner Group has been offering manifold acoustical options to be included in the interior fit-out concept for any type of building. 

A newly developed Sound Absorber has been added to the range of products. It reaches an outstanding sound absorption degree αw = 0.95 according to DIN EN ISO 11654. The elements are available in different formats up to 1,000 x 2,500 mm. Mounting the absorber to and dismounting it from brickwork or gypsum plasterboard can be done quickly and conveniently by means of concealed magnet clamps or hook-on profiles. 

The absorber consists of an acoustic core covered with fabric and a metal back. Alternatively, it can be ordered with a micro-perforated metal front, coated in any RAL and NCS colour. The fabric absorbers can be individually equipped from a broad collection of different fabrics in order to meet, for instance, specific corporate colour codes. Thanks to their lean structure with no visible frame or joints and an element depth of only 52 mm, the Lindner Sound Absorber will elegantly and discreetly blend into any underlying interior design concept. 

To contribute to energy efficiency schemes and the general requirements for contemporary building projects, the Lindner Absorber conforms to the standards defined by DGNB and LEED.
Width1000 mm / 1500 mm / 2000 mm / 2500 mm
Depth52 mm
Weight12 kg/m²
Colorsshades of blue
shades of grey
shades of yellow
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet
shades of green
shades of beige

Lindner Group, Germany

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