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With its aluminium profile and polycarbonate diffuser, Rollip is a continuous line designed to mark spaces, without interruptions, with uniform light output and perfectly integrated with the architecture, to light up a corridor, a room or a floor below, or to emphasise the walls with wall-washer lighting.  

Available in a very wide range, varied and designed for the many installation needs: with recessed versions of 35 and 70 mm available in "stand alone" fixtures, finished and complete in two different sizes, or in modular modules in custom installations, and also with 35 mm driver-on-board suspension models with single and double emission, stand alone or modular and modular with corner fittings.  

Roll diffuser, continuous line without interruptions
Its easy installation allows you to build continuous lines without interruption up to 50 meters in a single and simple assembly operation with reduced time. Thanks to the interlocking fins, it guarantees a protection index of IP54. Available in 35 mm or 70 mm widths, they can be combined with diffused, asymmetrical optics and, in the Rollip70 version, with a diffuser with a UGR of less than 19% for use in the workplace.  

A modular linear element, innovative in form and concept. Bi-emission, the trapezoidal design of the lamp body narrows near the upper diffuser, 35 mm wide, from which a perfectly flat, clean and performing angle emission emerges; the lower diffuser, equipped with a UGR filter, 70 mm wide emits a softer and dimmer light.  

Rollip PRO
The version that represents the maximum evolution from the engineering point of view thanks to the adoption of OptiLight™ technology, with the characteristic pattern of micro laser engravings to redistribute the light coming out of the PMMA diffuser, and the consequent total control of the UGR for the application in working environments. The minimum space requirement of only 12 millimetres allows installation in the false ceiling without going beyond the plasterboard slab: an important advantage in the case of uprights or other obstacles inside the false ceiling.

polycarbonate (PC)

Linea Light Group, Italy

Linea Light Group

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