Product description

llll.03 is a mobile suspended led light. A combination of aluminium circles covered with 2 layers of stretched fabric are connected with tubes joined by a hinge, endless combinations and positions are possible.

The lights are made directly by stretching two layers of specially developed polyester tricot around an aluminum frame, creating a hollow volume. The knitted stretched fabric is semi transparent, creating attractive lines and a rich moiré effect. A copper wire can also be knitted along the length, accentuating the moiré effect and adding a golden glow.

The frame:
The ends of the rods of are joined and positioned by a hinge. This modular system allows a great range of different lamp sceletons. Various light elements can be joined in a delicate balanced mobile-like chandelier structure. Floor lamps as wel as ceiling lamps can be adjusted and positioned as desired. The lamps can also be folded, and all parts can be replaced.

The led lights:
A high quality warm white LED strip is incorporated in the frame. The lamp is so illuminated from its outer edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the volume, producing a pleasant, diffuse glow.

14 watt/meter ensures an abundant shining light, 2700-3000 lumen, comparable to an old 200Watt filament lamp. 2400K has a very warm white led light tone, and 90CRI gives an excellent colour representation value.

The circles have a diameter of 40 or 60 cm, the distance between them can be adjusted.

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Diameter head of lamp400 mm / 600 mm

llll, Belgium

Sarah Dehandschutter

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