klang 1 subwoofer

Product description

Music makes it easier to get up. It puts me in a good mood, regardless of how I'm feeling. Sometimes it's loud and wild, sometimes it's calm. Rock ballads, French chansons or dance. Anything and everything. That's why I need speakers and a subwoofer that do justice to all kinds of music.

The Loewe klang 1 speakers and klang 1 subwoofer also work without a TV set or audio system: notebooks, smartphones and other music sources can be connected directly via line-in. Enjoy the best sound quality without any additional systems at all – even when you're working.

These butterflies in your stomach. Anyone who wants to feel what they are experiencing on screen: four klang 1 speakers, two klang 1 subwoofer and the TV speaker as the centre speaker transform every living room into a cinema with surround sound.

Width 241 mm
Height 258 mm
Depth 241 mm
Colors black
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Loewe, Germany

Georg Tischer

Marco Müller

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