PH 3½-2½ table lamp

Presented: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, Stockholm
Stylepark-ID: 04.1124.00144
Categories: Interior lightingTable lamps
Product description

The PH 3½-2½ Table is a lamp with an extremely high level of detail. In particular, the shade holder is an extraordinary detail that testifies to the precision applied to each and every lamp. The frame is painted silk matt brown, giving the lamp the same appearance as the burnished brass lamps typical of the period. For environmental reasons, this burnishing process is no longer used today, but the new finish is almost identical and not as vulnerable to external influences as the original.

The table lamp is fitted with a metal top shade, whose white lower surface reflects the light gently downwards. In addition to ensuring improved effectiveness of the light source, the two mouth-blown lower shades provide pleasant, glare-free lighting in the room as a whole.

The top shade is available in the following colours: yellow, red, green and white – the same colours as PH used in his own lamp ranges. In addition, the top shade is fitted with a white-painted, rolled edge that makes the shade appear more voluminous, thus helping underpin the iconic profile of the three-shade lamp.

The PH 3½-2½ table lamp adds an historical detail to PH’s expansive range of products. A detail that brings a nostalgic touch to any interior, without clashing with the other fittings and furnishings. And with a choice of four colours, its presence can be made more or less prominent depending on mood, imagination and creativity.

Emission class A+ - E
Stand/ mounting with footplate
Diffuser/reflector shape spherical segment
Diameter head of lamp 330 mm
Height 450 mm
Material steel
chrome steel
glass (unspecified)
Colors white
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Louis Poulsen, Denmark

Poul Henningsen

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by Louis Poulsen

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