LUMEO® LED Illuminated Surfaces

Product description

LUMEO® lighting surfaces possess all of the qualities that high-end, modern lighting needs: Light weight, homogeneity and aesthetics. Modern and energy-efficient LED technology enables this overhead lighting to be installed on a flat surface. A wide selection of shapes and colours provides great scope for individual room designs, enabling LUMEO® lighting surfaces to satisfy many architectural requirements effortlessly. All lighting from durlum features a DALI connection that assures damping of the light in a series of gentle transitions. With the optional Tunable White Technology, various lighting moods can be created across an infinitely variable range, while also guaranteeing uniform illumination at all times.

DUROSATIN® is used as the cover for LUMEO® elements. This is a flexible and tear-resistant material that imbues the luminaire with its flat and living character while also promoting homogeneous lighting. Fire protection classification B1 means that it is non-combustible to a high standard. With dur-GRAPHICS, we also offer you the option of customized printing on your LUMEO® lighting surfaces. The ability to incorporate images, textures, typos or logos of your choice in the design creates freedom to define architectural highlights.

LUMEO® lighting surfaces can also be produced as suspended, wall-mounted and as integrated variants. The light weight of these elements makes an uncomplicated sub-structure possible while also permitted individual ceiling designs. Depending on the sub-structure, you can install these elements in a surface-mounted, suspended or fold-down ways. It is also possible to integrate emergency lighting. LUMEO® lighting surfaces can be combined with durlum ceiling systems to optimum effect. For example, round LUMEO®-R lighting surfaces are an ideal addition to acoustically insulating ceiling elements such as TOMEO-R®.

Depending on your needs, room height and lighting colour, durlum can plan and implement LUMEO® individually to suit your project.

Mounting version: Plaster shapes, cable suspension, wall-mounted
Cover: Round, square; DUROSATIN®, micro-prismatic

Height60 mm
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
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