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1937 - 2008
Metalleido components srl was born on June 2000 from Metalleido srl, company well known for its cotton reinforced phenolic resins since 1937. In 1991 Metalleido srl takes a role on a Brite Euram project together with other big companies (He

xcel, Parabeam, Daimler Benz, Intermarine,...) to check the possibility of creating a new kind of integral sandwich panel with a core of tridimensional glass fabric:
At the end of 1993 Metalleido srl patents a machine to realize the Mitlight panel ( a

ctually sold under the trade mark Monocore ) and start the production. Mitlight panels were the first to be certified with the new IMO 653 for high speed craft and obtained good success with the first MDV series ( 1200 and 3000 ) from Fincantieri.

on June 2000 Metalleido Components srl begin parts of the Abet Group, a company well know all over the world for its unique production of high pressure laminates with a very wide range of colour and finishing. Actually Metalleido Components

srl is located in a new warehouse in Borgo Fornari were has installed a new automatic production line for honeycomb sandwich panels.