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Solid quality, but not ostentatious: for more than thirty years, Alfa Scale has made this feature the most recognised aspect of the its identity. By combining a respect for tradition and handcrafted work with technological research, Alfa Scale has become a leader in the staircase industry, creating models of absolute perfection. Over the years we've improved the very close relationship between design and quality, making it a daily practice in our productivity, states Silvano Paltrinieri, General Manager of the company. Through thought given to quality we're able to create shapes and content, which meet the personal requirements of our partners.

At Alfa Scale we believe the "standard" should be high quality, not the reproduction of a model. We're capable of dealing with extremely individual situations thanks to our internal organisation, which develop ideas through processes certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008: technical advice, survey and inspection, dedicated design, total control of the production stages and static aspects, installation and the final inspection.

The end result must always match the goals, which gave rise to the path of planning and building these staircases; the whole vision gives satisfaction because each part carries off the Alfa Scale "standard".