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Since there is new high-technology like CNC-milling available in a western european carpenter’s shop, there are also new options for a highly individual furniture-production in small series, on demand.
A technical drawing of a furniture on a CD is directly transmitted to the milling mashine. A form is cut out of a flat board and a new furniture is made.Fascinated by the simplicity of these processes, I developed a table-„family“ (CEPT 1 – 4) specificly for this kind of production, and decided to market them myself.I believe the process from designing a product throughout production and distribution should be part of the product-concept. Design is making concepts.I am also interested in customization to the extend of using decoration-patterns which are chosen by the client for a personal design.I like to combine new materials, the formal laguage of new technology with the charm of an elegant object, that feels good and meets contemporary ways of living.

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