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The Colour of Light.

We believe that there is a difference between lighting and light. And that light has the power to touch, inspire and energise people. On the basis of this conviction – and our decades of experience – we have developed the unique BÄRO special light colours. This means you do not have to use one type of light for everything. But you will find the perfect light for every individual requirement. So that all products can be presented in the best possible light.

BÄRO is an expert:
Our success story began more than 50 years ago with an idea: offering lighting for food products that makes their freshness and quality visible. Today we are the leading specialist in the core segment of lighting for fresh foodstuffs and our core competence is technical innovation. With 100% LED technology we are in tune with the times.

BÄRO is a partner:
Our innovative lighting solutions help brands to tell their stories successfully, to implement them in store design and in this way to raise their profile. Our close contact to those involved in the project and our proximity to the market enables us to maximise customer benefits and makes us a reliable partner for suppliers and customers.

BÄRO is design:
The current luminaire range, the functionality and the design of our products are the result of an in-depth examination of the key factors of lighting efficiency, system intelligence and energy expertise. In 2018 we were accepted as a foundation member of the German Design Council and we are now one of the sponsors of the most important German design and brand authority. The numerous awards we have received acknowledge and underline our design expertise.

BÄRO is Mittelstand:
As an owner-managed company headquartered in Leichlingen with 140 employees we have a sales organisation in Germany and subsidiaries in the Netherlands, England, France, Italy, Poland and the USA. Together with active partners in 31 countries we are a project partner and system supplier for all formats in the retail world –"Fresh Light for Fresh Products".

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