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Bayer MaterialScience AG is an independent, globally operating company within the Bayer Group. The name Bayer MaterialScience stands for the materials that the company develops and produces. It also stands for the know-how and expertise of its employees a

ll over the world, who register on average one new patent every working day.At Bayer MaterialScience, it is our core belief that safety, environmental protection, product and process quality and commercial efficiency are factors of equal importance in ach

ieving our corporate objectives. Consequently, we respect and support the objectives of Responsible Care and Sustainable Development as a commitment for management and as a responsibility shared by each employee.
We strive to continually improve with

appropriate resources the quality of our activities, products and services to the satisfaction of our customers and to the benefit of ourselves and our stakeholders. We also unconditionally respect all legal requirements and internal directives. To this

end, health, environment, safety and quality objectives are expressed as specific and measurable targets and their achievement is supported with the same diligence as economic goals.

We seek open dialog with our stakeholders on our policy, pri

nciples, objectives and targets. By actively supporting this dialog, Bayer MaterialScience will be regarded as an ethically and socially responsible organization.