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Carpet Concept develops surfaces for rooms. They are the hallmarks of the interior, and enhance the overall effect of the architecture. Floor coverings, woven carpets and wall structures are created in accordance with techniques of true craftsmanship; because Carpet Concept upholds a tradition of manufacturing second to none. The company discovers new paths for innovative products with new materials and unusual applications: reliable and authentic.

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts of all time. In the 19th century, the mechanical loom revolutionised carpet manufacturing and the importance of woven material for carpets and fabrics increased world-wide. Today, computer-controlled looms ensure the fineness and precision of goods.

The principle is the same: the simple crossing of two threads, the warp thread (stretched out lengthways) and the weft thread (the thread crossing it). The pile thread follows vertically. The different surfaces, such as ribbing, cut pile and frisé, are created later.

Other procedures for manufacturing floor coverings supplement the range: tufting, a rationally manufactured woven fabric, produced wool white and then printed. The ICD print procedure with its eight-colour-printing ensures designs can be created to satisfy individual requests. Needlefelt is an inexpensive technique consisting of the needle-punching and binding of several layers of non-woven fleece.

A carpet has to be particularly hard-wearing when used in business premises. The structure, tenacity and elasticity of the yarn play a major role in this. Finished yarns, including continuous polyamide, staple fibres and wool from select manufacturers, ensure the quality of the flooring. Good carpets show no sign of direct sunlight, underfloor heating and heavy use.

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