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Via Giovanni Pascoli 4/6
200010 Vittuone (MI)

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Founded in 1962, Ceramica Bardelli, using the finest enamels on the market, has developed a wide range of colors and sizes, making it possible to create solutions in which the ceramic color is combined with modular format in a multifaceted range proposals


Collections for architecture and interior products "high end" have created a new concept of modern living.

Different production technologies have enabled the development of new materials and construction of a series of unique flooring use

and application.

A totally new concept in modern living: large sizes, precious surfaces collections designed by renowned interior designers. All this is Ceramica Bardelli, a leader in the design and production of glazed tiles for floors and walls.

To obtain authentic pottery copyright, Bardelli shall adopt from time to time, the most appropriate technique: from freehand drawing to stencil, from dusting to the mixed techniques, where the request is an infinitesimal definition of details.