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24030 Terno d'Isola (Bergamo)

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The company policy is to produce articles of high standard design for the modern habitat, articles that are easily adaptable and that are accessible to the majority of potential clients.
The company's initial activity revolved around the production of handles for doors and windows. This range of articles was designed, under the supervision of the Art Director and Architect Carlo Bartoli, with the contribution of the most renowned international artists of the ‘made in Italy' design such as: Castiglia Associati, Di Blasi Associati, Studio Kairos, Alberto Meda and, naturally, Bartoli Design. Also, at a later date, contributing designers included Angeletti & Ruzza, Archilab, Piet Billekens, Bonini Spicciolato, Luca Colombo, Makio Hasuike, Gianluigi Landoni, Francesco Lucchese Jasper Morrison, Pininfarina.

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