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Design with Passion

The idea matured early: Johannes Wagner wanted to create a real alternative to the usual fire irons. Beautifully formed with clean lines, without frills and designed with verve, that is how he envisaged his new series. Already as a schoolboy, he was working on his design for a set of fire irons which would be of lasting value. In 1998, CONMOTO's success story took off. The company"s headquarter is situated at Schloss Möhler near Gütersloh since 2002. Since then, a new world of style for fire and garden has opened up in the exclusive ambience of a Baroque house with sweeping parklands, offering fireplaces, fire irons and outdoor furniture with matching accessories for the discerning lover of top-class design.
Love burns.

As with the fire irons and stoves, the outdoor furniture's stark contrasts play tricks on your perception. The interplay between sensuality and reduction begins. The eye is attracted by steel-hard material and perfectly straight lines which seem to clearly distance themselves from the surrounding plants. But is there really a contrast? What we have is, in fact, the logically considered alliance of seeming opposites. Sensuality loves the interplay with reduced form. And this purism is equally persuasive be it in the grills, the sun chairs, tables, benches or candleholders. A design enriched by limitless passion. Passion without which life cannot thrive. Passion with which it was only a short road from provincial Westphalia to the wider world.
Love grows.

It became clear to Johannes Wagner that he wanted the designs of internationally renowned creative spirits for his own collection. So he simply contacted them directly. His clearly defined vision, full of ideas and persuasively formulated moved Peter Maly, Günter Matten and, last but not least, Michael Sieger to join in with their work. Now variations of the finest products from ten famous designers stand side by side. The torches and lanterns, the fireplaces and the garden grills are as demandingly designed as the furniture, right up to the outdoor shower. Outstanding quality, perfect and innovative. Conmoto simply puts beauty centre stage - and has been reaping the rewards ever since. .
Love happens.

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