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cordula kafka- light & porcelain has specialized in the design and development of porcelain lights. In addition to a range of already existing product lines I provide the opportunity for planners of a joint development of custom porcelain lights for individual solutions.

Porcelain as a material is both classic and highly up-to-date – the combination with light is exceptionally appealing. Rooms are immersed in a unique warm light providing a relaxed and sensual atmosphere. The porcelain's delicate aesthetics create an aura of low-key elegance and high quality. The character and expression of my lighting objects are the result of the material's traditional production techniques, combined with the exploration and application of a new design vocabulary.

From my Berlin atelier I have have been working, experimenting and designing with porcelain for almost ten years, producing prototypes, unique pieces and small edition runs. Larger projects are realised in cooperation with a German porcelain manufactory with a decades-long tradition in the field. And the illumination of the porcelain objects is done in partnership with a manufacturer of custom lights that has 20 years of experience in working for highly respected architecture and lighting design firms. My varied experience and the production capabilities guarantee a highly professional collaboration.

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