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In the mid-70s, Prof. Dr. Frank Mirtsch discovered the principle of the self stiffened effect of vault structures by a random and strange-natural structure formation in a thin cylinder. This spatial pattern formation evolves as honeycomb-structures and fa

cets in an evolutionary process, and the material is getting more beneficial properties.

A series of developments led to the vault structure technology of the Dr. Mirtsch GmbH, which was founded in 1993 as a research and development company - as t

he founder and pioneer in the revolution of innovative thin, lightweight materials and products.

New aspects of bionic structures, continuously improved property profiles with unique feature - the Dr. Mirtsch GmbH presents itself today, since its

enlargement in 1997 as a production company for the manufacture of vault structured materials more innovative than ever.

Since 2003 the Dr. Mirtsch GmbH exists as a pure family company with the slogan Wölbstruktur, power struct ® with about 30 na

tional and international patents and patent applications for vault structuring technology and as a carrier of various innovation awards.

Dr. Mirtsch GmbH sees itself primarily as a think tank and catalyst for network for high-quality lightweight p

roducts for more innovative products with enhanced value-added solutions in cooperation with partners to develop and manufacture.

You can benefit as producers or users in the fields of architecture and construction, product design and artwork, aut

omotive and automotive, packaging industry, aerospace technology, energy and process technology, or even as a research institution of the advantages of vault structured materials with synergistic properties of the Dr. Mirtsch GmbH.