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For more than 50 years EMW filtertechnik manufactures products, which offer environmentally compatible solutions.

Therefore we have made it our business to develop and manufacture advanced filtering and foam technologies, which do justice to ou

r environment.

By means of partial replacement and regeneration of materials, such as the use of recycled plastics for our housings, protection of natural resources plays a very important role for us - wherever this is possible.


in the development of new products, avoidance of waste - already in the manufacturing stage - is a main concern to us. By this we make a very important contribution to the economy of our products, from which you as our customer will benefit.


s a mid size company, we are able to react short-termed to the needs of our users, specifically.
This enables us to guarantee excellent quality and durability of our products, which is continuously investigated and improved by our own testing & q

uality assurance laboratory. Therefore our laboratory is equipped with all necessary technical equipment and is at our development & quality department's disposal.

The great efforts and motivation of our staff is the key to the success

of our company. With our young and reliable team, we will always have an ear for your needs + requirements.