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P.O. Box 3
1130 AA Volendam

T: +31 299 364355
F: +31 299 368409

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Founded in 1932, the Dutch firm of Enkev has become one of the leading processors of natural fibres.

Enkev is the oldest industrial company in Volendam and has the keen entrepreneurial spirit so characteristic of this famous fishing village.

Using our experience of filling and covering materials in the furniture and mattress industry, Enkev picks up signals from the market and translates them into new products based on natural fibres with superb elasticity. Traditional skills go hand in hand with automated process techniques, resulting in products of a constant high quality.

The entire production process at Enkev is completed in-house: pretreatment of the fibres, latex preparation and rubberising, up to and including final inspection and packaging. This guarantees your products a long life.