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Siebeneicker Straße 235
42553 Velbert

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The Erbslöh Group, with headquarters in Velbert, specializes in the development and production of aluminium materials, their processing into extruded products, and subsequent surface finishing.

Our customers come from the areas of automotive engine

ering and industrials applications. Together we develop innovative solutions. Our competence includes the development, construction, production and distribution of pre-finished parts, modules, assemblies and systems.

As large mid-size company with

many years of market experience, we offer highest product quality and the necessary flexibility to fully meet customer requirements.

Since January 2000, Walter Klein GmbH & Co. KG is the majority shareholder in Erbslöh AG. The family enterprise lo

cated in nearby Wuppertal is also a supplier and has a long-term customer base that includes nearly all European automotive manufacturers. In addition to aluminium material, part are also produced from steel and plastic there.