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Good company and sensory pleasures are fundamental aspects of the Feuerring philosophy of life.

For centuries, all communal life centred around the fire. The Feuerring – as a modern fire pit – issues an invitation to once again draw in and savour life around it, no matter what the season. The welcoming atmosphere and inspiring warmth of a crackling fire, the cosy companionship of friends and guests and, above all, the gentle and healthy barbequing of premium ingredients, culminating in the creation of culinary menus, are central to us at Feuerring. As we say: Pleasing all your senses!

The design of the Feuerring bypasses the long waiting for the perfect flame or temperature – you can start barbecuing straight away next to a warm, crackling fire and enjoy tasty grilled food with no trace of an unhealthy charred aftertaste. It creates a fantastic atmosphere and puts everybody in a good mood. Sit together with friends, swap food and experiences, enjoy the companionship and cuisine, and let your creative juices flow – that is Andreas Reichlin’s philosophy. The Feuerring is an enduring expression of the artist’s approach to life.

Swiss Made
In Frauenfeld, a Swiss town, Heiri Gisler applies the little known craft of sheet metal printing to create the unique fire bowl according to Reichlin ́s design. At Isenschmid AG in Küssnacht, the ring and bowl are welded together perfectly to form the Feuerring, a singular creation that unites aesthetics and functionality. Heiri Gisler and Isenschmid are exceptionally skilled partners that ensure Andreas Reichlin’s stringent quality standards are maintained in the production of the Feuerring.

Andreas Reichlin has managed Feuerring GmbH in Immensee, Switzerland, together with his life partner Beate Hoyer, since 2009.

The philosophy behind the Feuerring is one of sociability and enjoyment. For centuries, fire pits were the nucleus of community life. Nowadays, warmth, light, a social atmosphere and healthy eating have lost much of their communal meaning. The Feuerring is a modern interpretation of a campfire, enabling everyone to enjoy the warmth offered by fire and companionship.

The first of its kind
Since its launch on the European market, the Feuerring has inspired many to wholeheartedly embrace the Feuerring’s philosophy of healthy eating, socialising, quality and aesthetics. Bolstered by a combination of experience, patented design and firm belief in our product, our commitment to premium quality makes the Feuerring a veritable heirloom that becomes more beautiful with each use.