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Our coating experience and the regular contacts which we maintain with creators, manufacturers and processors from around the world ensure that we can offer a very wide range of high technology products for the clothing, footwear, leather goods and furnit

ure industries.

Our recognised skills have helped us to penetrate the demanding automobile market, where we are now actively involved in preparing the interior trim of vehicles: dashboards, door panels, seat coverings, parcel shelves. With its tec

hnical products, Griffine Enduction is continuing its diversification in the areas of medicine, hygiene, and workplace protection for personnel.

Though part of an international group, Griffine Enduction has maintained its human scale, and its manag

ers are very autonomous when it comes to decision-making. Always ready to listen, Griffine Enduction puts its experience at the service of its clients in order to provide them with quick responses which are adapted to the most specific requirements.