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The company was founded 1919 in the black forest and is still family-owned in the 4th generation. Our aim is to make the modern way of working more ergonomic, more functional and more stylish. Employees shall be inspired by their workplaces.

Hund Möbelwerke offers a wide range of colour and veneer combinations, offering clients the ideal added-value by combining industrial mass production and individual, customized solutions. When looking for the ideal office interior it helps to figure out what the office of the future needs to offer and what needs it has to fulfill.

A modified media and communication behaviour, digitization and several generations in an office leave no doubt that the office might undergo a fundamental change in the era of digitization. This trend will be followed closely by Hund Möbelwerke. That is the reason why we published our brochure “Entering new rooms” which highlights this issue.

Companies will be one step ahead when offering offices that look differently to the classic offices. We will not offer patent solutions. But with our aim to make modern work more ergonomic, functional and stylish and to inspire employees through the individual office concept, we are the right people to speak to for all who care about those questions.

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