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I Tre - a brand division of FDV GROUP S.p.A.

Via delle Industrie 16/c
30030 Salzano (Venezia)

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A collection of very fascinating design lamps

Excellent combination of Italian lighting style and modern cosmopolitan trends. I Tre is a collection of lamps that stand out for their quality, technical lighting and style.

Born in 197

5, it was the first of five lighting brands together with Aureliano Toso Illuminazione dal 1938, Alt Lucialternative, Murano Due and Gallery which since 2002 form the Firme di Vetro Spa Group.

Thanks to the experience in working glass, constan

t research and innovation and acceptance of new innovative design trends, I Tre has helped write the story of glass in lighting.

With these lamps, the glass transforms the light flows in very precious details, to emphasise items, emotions and

special moments, with all the elegance of a modern product which soon sets the trends.

The balance between form and function have decreed the success of this brand, that designs and offers very stylish lighting solutions that are ideal in any

sort of surroundings. The essential but refined lines of the collection furnish and warm up the rooms, with a very effective and timeless expressive symbolism.

With the clean, distinct character, the collection interprets an absolute and vers

atile style, which creates very suggestive surroundings for either the home or with another wide range that can be adapted to any other use. A modern design takes shape in innovative and attractive lamps, representing a new way of lighting and furnishing

offered by I Tre, one of the most representative brands of the modern values of Made in Italy.

I Tre, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, Gallery and Alt Lucialternative are brand divisions of Firme di Vetro SpA

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