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Mosaik GmbH Ein Unternehmen der Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG

Im Petersborn 2
56244 Ötzingen

T: 02602 - 68 20
F: 02602 - 682 106

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Jasba was established in 1926 by Jakob Schwaderlapp in Baumbach as manufacturer for jug and ornamental ceramics. Since 1964 the Jasba Mosaik GmbH is based in Ötzingen and since 1999 it is part of the Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG. Jasba is renowne

d for the overall mosaic concept from 1x1 cm which matches to wall and floor tiles of up to 40x40 cm. Jasba Mosaik is unique as regards the combination of creative variety and technical special features such as the patented "Hydrotect" coating of Deutsche

Steinzeug AG, which is convincing thanks to its antibacterial effect (without chemicals), its extreme easiness of cleaning as well as the elimination of odours and air pollutants. Additionally the Secura surface ensuring slip resistance in wet barefoot a

reas. Jasba creates rooms for feeling happy and offers a high degree of playfulness, individuality and flexibility. Let yourself be inspired.