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52353 Düren

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KUFFERATH is the leading european specialist in the development, manufacture and distribution of forming fabrics for the paper industry.

Andreas Kufferath GmbH & Co. KG develops, manufactures and sells technologically advanced products used in pape

r production as well as in other process-oriented industries. We manufacture at three European locations and sell worldwide.

KUFFERATH's position as a mid-sized independent company offers clear competitive advantages. It allows us to flexibly respo

nd to our clients' requests and to add value by applying KUFFERATH's innovative solutions.

KUFFERATH understands every customer order as a sign of trust. We strive to meet our customers' expectations by delivering high quality products on time. Thi

s forms the basis for continuous and fruitful client relationships. All work- and production-related processes are documented and evaluated according to EN ISO 9001 standards in order to ensure a maximum in transparency for customers and management.

R>KUFFERATH intends to achieve continuous and growing earnings. This requires the constant improvement of our products and manufacturing processes as well as the customer-focused attitude of all employees. Earnings guarantee the company's long-term indepe

ndence and expansion as well as secure current and enable the creation of future employment.

KUFFERATH employs more than 750 people in Dueren, at two additional European and two overseas production sites and within the company's sales and service n

etwork in more than twenty countries worldwide.