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La Chance is a new furniture and lighting company created by Jean-Baptiste Souletie and Louise Breguet, presenting a cosmopolitan selection of the best designers of the new generation.

Together, Louise and Jean-Baptiste have been architect and fina

ncier, they have lived in India and China, they have designed offices in London and built houses in Haiti, and they have worked for both leading luxury companies and start-ups. However, together Louise and Jean-Baptiste are just 55 years old.


two design enthusiasts met by Chance and gave life to their crazy aspirations with a new design brand serving an ambitious purpose: epitomize their vision of French design and give a contemporary interpretation of the ornamental and decorative furniture

traditions. The products of La Chance share a sophisticated, rich, and distinctive design based on noble materials (metal, marble, solid wood, glass). It is a return to a warm and uninhibited luxury, breaking away from cold and conceptual design.

Each product passing through the hands of La Chance’s craftsmen is the object of special attention. All products are made in Europe in human-size facilities.

La Chance has rallied the best talents of the effervescent French ‘ Nouvelle Vague‘, but a

lso seeks inspiration from around the world with designers from Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and the US…

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