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Puusepänkatu 4
00880 Helsinki

T: +358 9 758 71
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Since its incorporation in 1951 by Armi Ratia, marimekko has been one of Finlands most legendary brands. marimekko’s products represent individuality and non-conformity.

Design, quality and innovation lie at the heart of the company&rs

quo;s philosophy.

Each product has to meet individual design standards as well as embody value for its future users and for the marimekko brand. This results in products that represent a combination of innovative design and excellent manufactu

re. marimekko’s satated aim is to bring beauty into people’s everyday life. In these times of uniformity and insecurity, marimekko seems to stand for a lifestyle that is original and allows for individuality. But marimekko also remains true to

its origins without falling into the trap of fashionable, anything-goes attitudes.

Clothes, a range of interior products and bags form marimekko’s three main product lines. The company has three production sites in Finland: a print wor

kshop in Helsinki, a clothes factory in Kitee and a bag factory in Sulkava. Additionally, there are suppliers and licencees in Finland, the USA, Japan, Denmark and Holland.

marimekko owns 24 shop outlets in Finland as well as one each in Sweden

and Germany. marimekko shares have been traded on the Helsinki stock market since 1999.

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